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Words and Music to lift your Spirit...

Angel Blessings, Benefiting Hospice CD


Poems written by Cindy Paulos provide a loving kindness to help those in Hospice care. Three of Cindy's friends recently passed at Maui Hospice Center, and the staff were so compassionate and caring that it motivated Cindy to spearhead this amazing Spoken Word collection. This project supports the efforts of the Hospice mission, and is dedicated to all Hospice organizations, as well as hospitals, emergency centers and everyday families.


The synergistic musical poetry on this album is performed by distinguished visionaries and artists. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Colin Andrews, Dr. Paul Masters and many other orators in combination with Grammy® Award Winning, Nominated and Participant recipients such as George Kahumoku Jr.,  Laura Sullivan, Omar Akram, Kevin Mackie, Paul Horn, Miss Amy, Judy Pancoast, Dr. E Mike Vasilomanolakis, Alex Otey, Bob Miles, Tim Gleeson, and  Emmy® Award recipients Tom Vendetti, Giovanni, and world-renowned award-winning composers, singers & songwriters, such as Gregor Praecht, Rupam Sarmah, Ricky Kej, Leonardo Le San, Nona Brown, Grant Maloy Smith and many others have dedicated their efforts in this project to upholding dignity and quality-of-life!


 ** 40 Tracks of Inspirational Spoken Word! **

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