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Do you believe that music can lift your spirit and that words reach your soul?


Do you believe that There is a Forever?


If you were stuck in a hospital bed, in hospice, assisted living or recovery unit somewhere wouldn’t you like to let music and words lift you up to a heavenly place where everything was filled with a radiant light and unconditional love?


That is the purpose of this CD. It is intended as a way for you to experience higher realms and to open the doors to your soul.

My experiences in these realms have been so powerful and beautiful that I want to share them with you.


Yes, I believe that there is a forever, a heaven far grander than we can imagine.


My father passed away the day after Christmas and then three days after his death he came back in Spirit, kissed my mother on the forehead and whispered to her, There is a Forever. That began my Mother’s quest for answers about whether there is life after death. She began taking classes on Metaphysics with Dr. Paul Masters and I went along. Since that time I have been meditating and writing down messages every morning.


I have experienced such unconditional love and light at the heart of the Creator.  There is such great bliss that exists in the heart of God, Christ and the Masters. We can feel great comfort knowing that the departed are in a radiant realm of spirit.


When my Mother passed on she came to me in spirit and brought to me many of the words that are on this CD. She always wanted me to share these messages, so I am fulfilling her wish by doing this.


There have been so many that have experienced Heaven. I feel the time is right to bring the creative power of musicians forth with words that came to me through spirit, so you and those in need can tune in to this energy.


I have recently had three close friends pass on with the help of Hospice Maui. The loving kindness I saw them share with those in transition was so touching that I felt I had to do something to give back to this amazing organization. So, proceeds from the profits of this album will be donated to them and other Hospice organizations. I also plan to donate CD’s to these organizations so they can be shared with others in need.


My hope and prayer is that this CD brings the blessings of God’s light and love to those who listen.




Rev. Cindy Paulos


This project is part of the work done by The Metaphysical Media Network, which is a resource that shares spiritual messages with others online. We share insights that inspire, educate, serve and enlighten.  We use the media to help bring spiritual information to the world, so that we might live together in peace, light and love.


The Metaphysical Media Network has filed for non-profit status that is

dedicated to sharing God’s Light and love through messages, music, and visuals, and that will inspire and educate via online radio broadcasts.  We are a non-denominational group who wish to support all forms of worship.


We donate free air time to select spiritual individuals and groups who have tools and services for others to learn and enjoy.


We are donating profits of Angel Blessings, Benefiting Hospice, to various Hospice Organizations, and will also donate CD’s for people to listen to in Hospitals, assisted care and hospice. This project is a labor of love and part of the work done by the Metaphysical Media Network. 


For more information and to hear 24/7 inspirational music go to

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Gifted Speaker and Distinguished Visionary

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