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                 How Angel Blessings is Benefiting Hospice Organizations


The Metaphysical Media Network is a Hawaii based non-profit organization dedicated to sharing inspiring words and music with the world.


We are in the process of donating 350 Angel Blessings Benefiting Hospice CDs to Hospice and assisted care facilities around the world. To date we have donated over 165 cd's to Hospice Maui, Hale Makua Maui, Houston Hospice, Tennova Residential Hospice in Knoxville Tennessee.


Members of our angel team are taking the time to get these cd's out to those in need. Los Angeles Dr. Mike Vasilomanolakis is distributing for patients in need and Rupam Sarmah for organizations in India and Bay Area. 


We have CD's going to the first Hospice in the country the Branford Hospice in Connecticut, to New Jersey Kennedy Hospital Health System, and Sedona Hospice organizations.


If you know of an organization that would like to have some CD's donated, please contact: Cindy Paulos at KAOI Radio Maui (808) 244-9145.


Our goal is:


• To raise awareness about the services Hospice provides

• To help comfort and bring inspiring music and words to those in the process of transition

• To provide words and music that will help ease the pain of the loss of loved ones

• To donate net proceeds from sales of CDs to Hospice organizations


Pictures of Hospice Organizations who have received CD's

Cindy Paulos, Kimber Carhart, and Dr. Greg LaGoy

at Hospice Maui blessing

       Cindy Paulos with gift basket of 50 Cd's for Hospice Maui

Houston Hospice where Grant Delivered Angel Blessings, Benefiting Hospice CD's.

Krista Wallhagen and Kevin Mackie

Delivering CD's to Hospice in Conneticut.

Grant Maloy Smith delivering Angel Blessings Cd

at Houston Hospice

Cindy Paulos delivering 20 Angel Blessings cd to Denise Thayer from Hale Makua an assisted care facility on Maui

Kevin Mackie and fellow angel team friends delivered Cd's to Sally and James from Vitas Innovative Hospice Care and the 25 Angel Blessings Benefiting Hospice Cd's that we donated to them —We have now delivered of 275 CD's around the country.!!!are facility on Maui

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