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 Angel Blessings, Messages from Heaven

The selection of this CD, are excerpts from the book "Angel Blessings, Messages from Heaven"


The book is intended as a guide for to experience the higher realms of heaven and so may realize that death is not final. My experiences in these realms have been so powerful and beautiful that I want to share them with you. My hope is that you are inspired to feel the power of your own sprit and to see death as a journey that takes us to heaven’s doors.


Many cultures have always celebrated death as a rebirth. Only recently has our Western culture begun to consider death not as final or something to fear, but a natural progression on the eternal wheel of life and death, birth and rebirth. Many people have already written about their near-death experiences and shared the wonders of the next plane of existence. Their stories inspire us to have faith and to believe that there is a heaven—an experience so wonderful that most do not want to leave it.


It is possible to prepare our mind, body and spirit for our upcoming journey to the next realm of being. We can flow with the current of our existence, supported by our inner guides and loved ones who have passed on. The higher realms are so filled with love, light and the presence of sprit that we should be looking forward to our next journey! 


One way of looking at death is to view it as though we are preparing for a long journey. We pack our things, go over our checklists, and make sure that all we need is in order. We say goodbye to those closest to us and tell them how much we love them. We give them a hug and a kiss and look forward to the great adventure that lies ahead.


When we take steps to be in tune with our soul, not only does it guide and enrich our life, it also helps us prepare for our transition into the realms of spirit. The poems and messages in the book offer a deeper connection with your soul. When we attune to our soul we connect with God. 

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