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This book is intended to invoke your spirit and soul in such a way that you may experience the higher realms of heaven while still on Earth.  My experiences in these heavenly realms have been so powerful and beautiful that I want to share them with you.


When we take steps to be in tune with our soul, not only does it guide and enrich our life, we connect with God. My hope is that in feeling the power of your sprit you will also see death as a journey that takes us to heaven’s doors.


Many cultures have always celebrated death as a rebirth. Only recently has our Western culture begun to consider death not as final, or something to fear, but a natural progression on the eternal wheel of life and death, birth and rebirth. Many people have already written about their near-death experiences and shared the wonders of the next plane of existence. Their stories inspire us to have faith and to believe that there is a heaven—an experience so wonderful that most do not want to leave it.


I would like to share a bit about my own journey with spirit. When I was about twelve years old, I had a voracious appetite for reading any book I could find on mysticism and metaphysics. I devoured insights from Manley Hall, Corinne Helene, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Alan Watts and the mystics. Every book led me to a deeper understanding of what is beyond the physical world.


As a student at Beverly Hills High, I found that what most of the kids were interested in didn’t resonate with me. I ran around preaching enthusiastically to anyone who would listen about how great God was. I couldn’t imagine why they weren’t interested!


Then, when I was fifteen, I had an experience that changed my life forever. I was in our garden at home and suddenly felt a rush of energy through my spine. It drew me out of my body. I went through numerous levels of consciousness and arrived in a dimension far outside this world.


I experienced the light of a million suns, and my heart was ripped open with a love that was beyond any love I have felt on earth. I found everything in nothing and nothing in everything. I knew that I could stay in this ecstatic union, which I felt was with God, or go back to my body and live my life. I also knew that if I went back I would try to let others know that we are much more than our bodies. We have a soul that carries us to infinity, and the energy of God is in everything in every moment of time.


After this extraordinary experience, I didn’t speak for three or four days. Things looked different. I saw auras of light around people, animals and plants. Colors were brighter and light was clearer. As in a major earthquake, for years I felt aftershocks of bliss that lifted me up to that state of God consciousness. What I did not do any more was try to convince others about what I had found. I realized that everyone is living their own life in ways appropriate for them.


Since that time I’ve had a number of miraculous experiences, including near-death. As a result, I am not afraid of death. In fact, I welcome the time when I can return to that space beyond this world.


Part of my spiritual practice is to mediate every morning. Sometimes I receive messages from those on the other side. When I began this project I felt surrounded in spirit by many who wished to support this book. Friends who have passed on gave me many blessings of light and love, and I felt guided to communicate what they wished to convey to those left behind.


I do not feel sadness for those who have left the physical plane, but I do feel their loss in my life. I miss people I loved and enjoyed being with. Sometimes I also feel the need to work out feelings of guilt, things left unsaid, and things not completed. In meditation I can communicate about these things with the spirit of the one who has passed over.


Yes, there is a forever, a heaven far grander than we can imagine. Great love and forgiveness exist in the heart of God and Christ and the Masters. We can feel good that the departed are in a radiant realm of spirit.


May you find words in this book that touch your soul and lift you to the light of spirit. And may you feel God’s great gift of constant unconditional love.


 --Cindy Paulos


Messages from Heaven 

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