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This project was quite an undertaking and I knew I wanted it to look heavenly.That's where the skills, of Krista Wallhagen, Glenn Grillo, and Delmary come in.


Delmary - Cover and Inside Paintings

I have had visions of heaven and when I found the work of Delmary I knew that it fit beautifully with visions I had seen. I met Delamry through Dr. Masters and I fell in love with her work. She Generously offered to let me use her work for the cover and back of the CD and the website. I am so grateful to her.


Krista Wallhagen - Cover & layout

Krista Wallhagen diligently worked to get all of the many pieces put together to create the cover and layout. She helped in so amny aspects of this project that I really don't think this project would have been possible without her. the amount of detail work involved

with this project was overwhelming to me. Krista put in countless hours of work.


Arcane - CD and Book Websites

Arcane aka Glenn Grillo contributed to the beautiful website design for this site and for the Metaphysical Media Network site which is the Mother non-proift of it. He has been there for me throughout the beginning of the dream of the non-profit and how to capture the idea into visuals.


Alex Otey - CD Website

Alex Otey has worked tirelessly to make this site a reality  and helped do so much of the work here! MAHALO ALEX!



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